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In Patagonia Day 36

March 25th, 2018

In Patagonia Day 36

Another transition day (though will be here for a while). Glad to leave Valdivia, not so much because it’s not interesting, as I just had a textbook bad hostel experience. Pretty much the whole crew (including the young women who actually work there) decided to party—so everyone was loud until about two, then they went out, returning in small groups talking loud and slamming doors. By about 5 they were all back and alternated running to the bathroom to puke (except one of my roommates who didn’t make it to the bathroom). Ahh, the hazards of really cheap travel. Pucon is a fresh start, a tourist city that has a funky feel. Spent afternoon wandering— feels like a one-story ski town. Evening is cool but not cold, and families are wandering the streets—small children on their parent’s shoulders just looking around. I’m lining up some good walking and will meet back up with some geologists I met down south. And of course there is a volcano to climb, but for now, it would be cool to find an NCAA basketball game on a TV somewhere (not likely).

T. Hugh Crawford