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reveries of an amateur long-distance hiker

Day 104

December 13th, 2015

Dec 13 day 104 Arrowtown to Queenstown 8:30-2:30 28 km


After a quiet breakfast in Arrowtown (the place is terminally cute) it was a simple stroll over to Queenstown. Made one wrong turn and ended up cutting through a private section without permission. The wealth in this area is palpable– unlike any I’ve been in yet. Part of the TA was on a walking path through a golf course, not your usual trail environment. The place dripped privilege–was glad to get past it. The most interesting part were the stone buildings– some old, some new– an architectural style/material I have not seen in New Zealand much, part of the mining heritage of the area I suppose. Queenstown is a crowded adventure town. The place is packed with every gap-year 20 something on the planet, and the Main Street is primarily a place to book skydiving, boat adventures, etc etc. Still, has a good feel. I on the other hand have hit some sort of physical wall–completely exhausted so will see if a rest day tomorrow will make those last 400 km bearable.