Walking Home

reveries of an amateur long-distance hiker

Day 2

September 4th, 2015

Sep 2 day 2 Twilight beach campground to free camp 35 km 7:00- 3:30


Day started out beautifully, clear sky, sun, not to hot. Up and over Scott’s point, then down onto 90 Mile beach (which is more like 85 km beach). Hiked almost entire day without seeing a sign of anyone. Sand was firm, kilometers ticked by. As the day wore on the wind picked up, fortunately at my back. As the tide came in, I had to skip around waves climbing the dunes, and just the sheer drudgery began to wear. Around 2:00 I got to a campground at Bluffs. Even though it was early, I was ready to stop, but the campground was a mess, all facilities closed, horses wandering the grounds, so I decided to hike another hour or so. Found a stream, went up a bit and pitched in the dunes. Of course sand was everywhere, made dinner, walked a bit on the beach, but just wanted to crawl into the tent and get out of the wind which by then was tossing the tent around like a toy. A storm blew in after 8:00 was really gusty. Tent pegs would not hold, so (after trying a few different scenarios including dropping the poles and sleeping on the tent), I ended up in the tent without poles, wrapped in the top, holding on to keep it from flapping and to keep out the rain when it came in. Got very little sleep. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.