Walking Home

reveries of an amateur long-distance hiker

Day 25

September 30th, 2015

Sep 25 day 25 Auckland to Auckland Airport 33 km 8:15-3:30


My sense is that the TA route through Auckland was designed on a dart board, but I did get to climb Mt. Eden and One Tree Hill, walk through some cool neighborhoods, and finally out to the airport– not your most scenic place. Finally tomorrow I should get back out in the country. Walking in the city is odd– of course I’m out of place with my pack (though there are plenty of students with massive packs traveling about). Walking on the sidewalk, dodging people, waiting for lights, stopping for coffee, constantly consulting maps to be sure I’m on the correct road. All in all, a strange way to be hiking. Have a long stretch before the next real re-supply, so went to grocery and will be carrying a load tomorrow. The airport area was actually ok when I got there. Had to book hotel, but found one cheap, had a great meal in a crowded restaurant– not sure where all the people come from as its not in the airport and the hotel wasn’t full. Still, was a pleasant evening saying goodbye to urban life for a while.