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reveries of an amateur long-distance hiker

Day 86

November 26th, 2015

Nov 25 day 86 Cora Lynn Car Park to Hamilton Hut 9:30-3:15 15.5 km


Last night’s Bangers and Mash did not agree with me, so my night was not particularly restful. Started the morning slowly as I wanted to get Eggs Benedict at the cafe before leaving (they are really really good– with us hikers, it’s all about the food). It was still overcast and sprinkling, so I checked at the DoC about how flooded the Harper River would be. They had no real information, but as it turned out, south of Arthur’s Pass the sun came out, so I decided to just hike to Hamilton Hut. If there is no more rain, the river should be down much further tomorrow when I get near the deep part. Fingers crossed. Outside the DoC, I caught a ride with Kelsey, a woman from Walnut Creek California, who was taking a couple day hike and ended up at the same hut. I definitely didn’t have any legs for hiking, so called it early, not trying for any further kms. On the way up the side of Mount Bruce, I could see all across the valley and the Alpine Scenic Train, which really did look, at that distance, like a model train. Definitely will try to sleep well tonight.