Walking Home

reveries of an amateur long-distance hiker

May 22

May 25th, 2016

May 22

The Santiago de Compostela streets were nearly empty, passing only some last-night partiers who now were early-morning stragglers. The airport bus rolled down quiet streets, retracing much of the path I had walked almost two weeks earlier to finish the primary path of the Camino Frances. The intervening time alternated between the hectic–late night music and food–and peaceful relaxation, backpackless, walking short distances to the beach, sunrise, or sunset. Santiago’s airport is new and open, but lined with weary peregrinos, all making their way back to daily life. I fly to Basel, Switzerland and on to Porrentruy where Bennett and I will commence the next trek: the Trans-Swiss Trail. A quiet day of travel, plane, train, some walking around Porrentruy, then settling into the Hotel de Gare. In this part, rural Switzerland, there are few people who speak English, and my French is abysmal, so it took a lot of good will and my very best miming to secure a room, and settle in for the night. A well travelled day.

T. Hugh Crawford