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May 25

May 25th, 2016

May 25

St. Ursanne to Saignelégier 28km
Mud, but pure pastoral beauty. Today’s walk was a little tough toward the end– just need to get back into shape–but beautiful in an understated way. This region is steep, but not stupendous, an agricultural area with lots of muddy pasture crossings. The path followed Les Doubs River upstream across wildflower spring fields through a narrow valley. Some times it was clearly Switzerland, but others could have been part of the Appalachian trail. It was a walker’s path, bringing small technical challenges — avoiding hidden mud holes, sliding up and down muddy slopes–but also bringing the small joys: flowers, fast-moving streams and the occasional small falls, moss covered rocks and trees, and of course silent, ancient forests. This should be a good trek.

T. Hugh Crawford