Walking Home

reveries of an amateur long-distance hiker

August 1

August 11th, 2015


August 1.

Snoqualmie Pass to Ridge and Gravel Lakes 7.2 miles 3:00-6:00

Started morning in the Cabbagetown house, gathered our things, set off some flea bombs, and headed to Marta and the airport. Smooth transportation there, arrived in Seattle by noon, and our friend Kate was there to pick us up. We three headed east out of the city toward the Cascades, always it seemed in the shadow of Rainier. Stopped at cute town called Issaquah and had wonderful seafood brunch, getting to Snoqualmie pass mid-afternoon, and after some equipment prep, hitting the trail at 3. Hiked 7 miles, all up hill to the Edge Lake. Trail is incredibly well maintained, and no really steep grades, though it was a hard seven miles (first day out always is). At times really hot, but also chilly. Lots of campers spread out across some nice grassy sites. We set up, I cowboyed it – no humidity here, little chance of rain. Made dinner and Kate surprised us with beer, avocados, fresh vegetables, now that’s a good friend. Talked a while but jet lag and exhaustion soon overtook us. Slept well though it was chilly and windy–it is great to be back outside.