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August 2

August 11th, 2015

August 2

Gravel Lakes to Lemah Creek 13.5 miles 7:30-2:30image

Fairly hard day– still don’t have hiker legs. Got up early, but didn’t hike until 7:30. Had breakfast with Kate, then she headed back to the pass, and we spent a big portion of the morning climbing, with lots of rocky traverses across scree from landslides. The scenery was magnificent but the trail narrow and rough surfaced. Lots of hikers, the ones out for extended time are doing the Snoqualmie/Stevens hike which is our first section. Water was scarce most of the day, the drought has dried up the little rainwater ponds. We did see lakes in the distance but the trail did not go to them. Blueberries, lots of blueberries. When we started our long descent into the Lemah creek valley, many many switchbacks, we passed a guy who had his gear packed on a wheelbarrow. He seemed quiet and calm and methodical but must have been taking a lot of gear and food. Have heard of hikers doing that, but have never actually seen it. The first water we encountered was this great waterfall, so we stopped for lunch. Met Carl and Erin Miller who are finishing the PCT. She wrote the Hiker Trash on the PCT book, and they will be doing the Te Araroa later this year. Stopped early, Camped by a stream where the bridge had washed out, good water, nice spot, though the yellowjackets swarmed when we opened a pack of tuna– lesson learned.