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August 3

August 11th, 2015



August 3
Lemah Creek to Deep Lake 21 Miles 7:00-4:00

So we had joked about hiking 7 miles day 1, 14 Day 2, so 21 day three, which actually turned out to be what we did. Started the morning planning 16, but after a very long but beautiful climb where we could see glaciers feeding waterfalls, then had second breakfast by a high mountain pond followed by a very long decent into a valley with a large lake. The trail was smooth, had blueberries again, not nearly as many rock crossings. Lunch beneath a big bridge with an ice cold stream beside– I soaked my hot blistered feet. We realized we would be at our projected camp in an hour, and that deep lake was only another 7 which we managed in about 3 1/2 hours. Camped near beautiful lake–I jumped in even though it was ice cold. Felt good to wash off all that sweat and dust. Very little rainfall here, so the dust is constant. We settled in for some quiet reading–getting a good rhythm. Tomorrow will be long but not like today.