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August 5

August 11th, 2015



August 5
Trap Lake to Stevens Pass (to skykomish) 11.3 miles 6:45- 11:45

Bitter cold night, wind whipping off the lake drove both of us into the tent by 7:30– very small tent, but was necessary. Visited by deer, didn’t see them but recognized their step and snuffle. Up early for the run to town– could smell the barn — fairly uneventful hike, bumped into a lot of hikers, good conversations. Learned more about the fires up north which will definitely affect us. Arrived at Steven Pass ski lodge, had ice cream, talked to some south bounders who knew something about the fire, exchanged our old data for their map of the north section– good trade. Skykomish is 15 miles away so we needed to hitch. Picked up by two reporters from Everett — Ian and Gail– who were working on a feature article so they stopped at some attractions on the way– a railroad installation and a waterfall. Ended up eating lunch with them at the Cascadia Hotel restaurant. Looks like we will be part of their article. Spent afternoon getting resupply box, figuring out the next section in relation to the fire, getting other resupply and sorting it all out. Had dinner at the same hotel restaurant because it is the only game in town. Then took advantage of the wifi to answer emails and went to sleep very early.