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reveries of an amateur long-distance hiker

August 6

August 11th, 2015





August 6 Stevens Pass to Pear lake 18.6 miles. 9:15-5:15

Pine-cone blossoms, and blueberries

Slept in at Cascadia Hotel, then headed over to the deli for breakfast–biscuits and gravy–but just as we got our meal, a nice couple in a pickup truck pulled out, we asked for ride and had good conversation with the woman who had grown up in Skykomish and who collected old quilts and a man who was a retired contractor. We sat on the ski lodge steps and ate our breakfast then headed off on the next leg of the trek. Initially planning about 10 miles, but the magic of biscuits and gravy, a trail that started the first two miles as a railroad grade, and general lightheartedness got up to that lake by one o’clock. We made good time, but stopped and talked to a whole lot of people, mostly day or overnight hikers, but all experienced and knew the area well. Most of the day the trail was in the woods with incredible surface, made for good trekking. After we pressed on from initial campsite, we had more elevation change and water got scarce. Ended up having hike to full 18.6 to Pear lake which is beautiful, but we were gassed when we finally got here. Camped by the lake again but probably for the last time. Exposure to the wind, which makes for cold evening meal prep and diving straight into sleeping bags for warmth. BUT we are in a field of blueberries (bear bait?) very satisfying day.